BFA Fairfax Drama Ensemble Presents L. Frank Baum's "The Wizard of Oz."

(Photos are Courtesy of Kevin Hebert of BFA
taken during Dress Rehearsal - April 8, 2003)

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Marc Bessette, Ethan Klausenberg, Jesse Dunham-Friel, Ryan Rosesco

Jerry Audet, Dustin Duprat, Jordan Paquette, Geniveve St. Hilare

Jordan Paquette, Dustin Duprat, Jerry Audet, Geniveve St. Hilare - Seanan Denizot, Geniveve St. Hilare

A special thanks to Mr. Kevin Hebert for the photos and Marc Bessette and Carol Graves for their help in identifying the students


Henry A. Raymond
April 10, 2003