Kyle & Ryan were practicing some skate boarding when I went down to photograph the Scout Ceremony on Friday night.

They looked like they were doing pretty good except for a few falls, so I asked them if they would try to do the jump together, which they agreed to do for me. They were quicker than I was and by the time my camera responded, they had both landed and were no longer in the air.

Maybe I can catch them at another time.

Ryan in white T-Shirt and Kyle in Black


The above photo was taken about 6:45 p.m. on this past Sunday evening. I was on my way down to the Fairfax Historical Society High School Remembrance meeting and earlier in the day I had noticed Ben Gaboriault who lives across from the Sanderson Corners Cemetery plugging away mowing his huge lawn. On my way down to the meeting, I noticed all these little piles of fresh mown grass all over his lawn in nice neat rows. It brought me back to the good old days - When my Dad, Mom, Sisters and I used to tumble hay, hoping it wouldn't rain before we got it in the hay barn.

When I saw this, I immediately recognized all the work he had gone through to do this, so decided I would stop and ask him if he minded if I took a photo. I introduced myself and he introduced himself as we had never met before. I'm sure he was probably a little puzzled at my request and most likely thought I was just a little senile, or maybe even just a few bricks shy of a load. He did consent and explained to me that something had gone wrong with his lawn mower and the grass got a little high, thus he decided to rake it and make his lawn look better after mowing.

I well remember the days when weekends were just about the only time I had to mow the lawn as well as other chores homeowners must do. In retirement, it is quite a different story. All I need to worry about is the weather and any day it is nice, provided I have the energy, I am free to do it. Also, in my working years, the driveway had to be plowed so that my wife and I could get out to go to work. Now, again, a different story. I sit in my Lazy Boy looking at it snow out my picture window and when it stops, get out my snowblower and truly enjoy clearing out my driveway.

What a difference the years make as we enter the different stages in our life - Believe me, each year gets better.

Henry A. Raymond
May 17, 2003