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The Fairfax Historical Society is honoring the men and women of the Armed Forces by flying the American flag at their Museum located at 1181 Main Street. As a special tribute to all local friends and family serving in the Armed Forces, the Vermont State flag flies as well. The next time you pass our museum and you know of someone from Fairfax, or from Vermont, serving in the war in the Middle East, the Vermont flag flies for them.



Gleason, Chris - BFA Class 2001

Linda & Dan Gleason

Hensel, Steve - BFA Class 2000

Langelier, Josh - BFA Class of 2001

Paul, Karen & Family

Marriott, Joe

John & Janet Marriott

Norris, Andy

Paquette, Dave - BFA Class of 2001
Dave was in Kuwait until last week

David & Debbie Paquette

Simoneau, Brent - BFA Class of 2000

Allen Simoneau & Sal Wiggin

Sullivan, Sean

Mike & Ann Sullivan

Weeks, Matthew - BFA Class of

Rob & Sharon Weeks

I will be glad to insert the names of friends and family of Fairfax Residents who are serving in the military here - email me at

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