November 24, 1904

With a school building of modern construction, commodious class and recitation rooms, up-to-date equipped labratories assembly hall etc., all heated by steam, direct and indirect, lighted by electricity, improved ventilation, electric clock and telephone systems, and with Principal M. D. Chittenden and teachers and with more than 200 scholars the school at Bellows Free Academy going on like clock work. With the income from a permanent fund of more than $220,000, the ytrustees ought to be able to maintain a school second to no other anywhere. They are not advertizing for students. They do not have to do that. Those who have fine goods to give away do not need to advertise for patronage. The town of Fairfax have a right to be proud of its new school. Several families having children to educate have recently moved into town and there are "more to follow."

There will be no school this week after Wednesday. The artesian well now being bored is down about 180 feet.

Principal and Mrs. Chittenden gave an 8 o'clock tea Saturday. The academy teachers, the five trustees and their wives, and some others were the gusts. Mrs. Baker of Brandon sang several selections, adding to the enjoyment of the occasion